Advice during the bidding process and preparation of offers: Review of the Specifications and bid documents, preparation of cost budgets, risk analysis, assistance in contract negotiation and signing.

Advice and support during the contract: Monitoring of physical progress and economic and financial parameters. Detection and control of changes and evaluation of their consequences. Support in the preparation of contractual, legal and commercial strategies for handling changes and claims and avoiding or mitigating contractual disputes. Control and monitoring of contractual correspondence and timely compliance with the requirements of reports to the Client related to the changes (Notice Provisions).

Analysis of the alterations of the work schedules, the causes and the corresponding responsibilities. Review of the «constructability» of the project tasks to anticipate or prevent difficulties during execution.

Assistance in the preparation of claims, the contractual and legal support, and additional costs derived (direct, indirect, lost profits, etc.). Preparation of all supporting documentation.

Active assistance in the negotiation, mediation, arbitration or other alternatives for resolving contractual conflicts.