Preparation of bid documents and Cost Estimation (Direct and Indirect Cost, financial costs,
contingencies, overhead, risk analysis etc.) of following projects:

  • Río Turbio Thermal Power Plant in the province of Santa Cruz, coal-fired, fluidized bed type, power 2×120 MW. Official Budget: US$ 500 million.
  • Channels for Canalization and Rehabilitation of Las Tunas Stream – Partido de Tigre – Province of Buenos Aires. Official Budget US$ 30 million.
  • Large Aqueducts in Province of Santa Fe – Stage 1 – Section A. Official Budget: US$ 240 million.
  • Northern Area Potabilization System – AySA – Partido de Tigre – Province of Buenos Aires. Official Budget: US$ 610 million.
  • High Performance Railway Corridor from Buenos Aires to Mendoza. Official Budget: US$ 2,450 million.
  • Expansion of the Jumbo Supermarkets Parking Lot. Official Budget: US$ 10 million.
  • Guillermo Brown Thermal Power Plant – Bahía Blanca, Province of Buenos Aires. Gas plant in open cycle. Power 2×350 MW.
  • New Electrical Substations in the Province of Buenos Aires.
  • Construction of the Rodrigo Nuevo, Papa Francisco and Fraga Housing Projects. Housing Units: 1,466; Commercial Premises: 138. Official Budget: US$ 162 million.
  • Access to Lines C and D Subway at the Obelisco node – Calle Sarmiento and Diagonal Norte. Official Budget: US$ 15 million
  • Potable Water Impulsion Pipeline – AySA- Islas Malvinas Tigre. Official Budget: US$ 11 million.
  • Canalization of 12.5 km of the Areco River in San Antonio de Areco, Province of Buenos Aires. Official Budget: US$ 17 million.
  • Rehabilitation and Maintenance of Roads, Sidewalks, Rain Network and Shelters of the Metropolitan Region of Buenos Aires –RMBA. Official Budget: US$ 135 million.
  • Railway by-pass in Santa Fe City for the Belgrano Cargas Line. Construction of a new track and/or Comprehensive Renovation of 60 km of track, three road bridges and a 600-meter long railway bridge over the Salado River.
  • Wind Farm projects Tres Picos I and II (50MW + 50 MW). Torquinst. Buenos Aires province. GENREN 1 Bid.
  • Río Negro Wind Farm “La Bombilla” – 50 MW.
  • Modernization, Renovation and Expansion of the Retiro Railway Terminal Station – FCGM and integration with FCGSM. Tender No. 80 ADIF 2016.
  • Electrification of the Retiro-Pilar Line of the FCGSM. Tender No. 1/2017.