He has more than 30 years of experience, having performed various functions in national and international companies, including BENITO ROGGIO E HIJOS SA, SIDECO AMERICANA SA, DYCASA, COVISUR SA and CAMINOS DEL VALLE CONCESIONARIA S.A. He has obtained two master’s degrees: an MBA from the Polytechnic University of Madrid and a Master’s in Senior Management of Hotel Groups from the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Official civil engineering experts in the General Tribunal of Arbitration of the Bolsa de Comercio de Buenos Aires.

Main projects in which he has participated:

In Argentina
General Manager of EMC – Assembly and Construction Company S.A.
• Expansion of the San Lorenzo “Ref isan” ref inery – Santa Fe / 4 furnaces for crude oil and
mixing line. US$10,000,000.

• Gas Compression Plant in Ramos Field – Salta / 4 compression groups – 7,700 HP. US$
President of SANTOS CMI Construction S.A. – Argentina
• Expansion of the Güemes – Salta Thermal Power Plant / Installation of a 100 MW turbogroup.
Project Manager of Benito Roggio e Hijos S.A.
• Remodeling of Subway Line A of the City of Buenos Aires. Renovation of tracks and track
devices and stations. u$s.66.000.000.

In Uruguay
Advisor to SANTOS CMI Construcciones S.A.
• Punta del Tigre Thermal Power Plant – San José / Installation of 4 turbogroups – 200 MW.
Project Manager of Benito Roggio e Hijos S.A..
• Complex «Torre de las Telecomunicaciones», Montevideo / Various buildings for Antel –
40,000m2. US$100,000,000

In Colombia
Project Manager of SPIE BATIGNOLLES – France
• Guavio River Hydroelectric Project. – Colombia / 1600 MW – 30 km of large diameter tunnels,
2 km of vertical shaf ts, 1,900,000 m3 of underground excavation. 250,000 m3 of concrete.
General Manager of SPIE BATIGNOLLES – France
Commercial activity in Andean countries and management of several contracts for civil works,
oil and gas pipelines (Clients: Ecopetrol, Hocol, Occidental, British Petroleum, etc.) worth
more than US$ 300,000,000.
• Gas and Oil Projects / 1400 km of gas and oil pipelines with diameters f rom 10 to 24 inches
Project Manager in TECHINT – Colombia
Flyover bridges in the city of Medellín / Total length: 1200 meters. US$25,000,000.

In Ecuador
Project Manager in TECHINT – Ecuador
• Underground parking for 700 vehicles in Quito.
Cement plants in Guayaquil and Otavalo.
• Sea water intake in Salinas.

In Italia
Managing Partner of Comintrac
• Development of wind energy projects.

Activity in arbitrations and expert opinions:

Management of claims arising f rom the construction of the Guavio River hydroelectric project –
Colombia. Arbitration between Spie Batignolles-Campenon Bernard (France) and Empresa de
Energía de Bogotá under the rules of the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá. Accrued amount
of claims: US$ 300 million.

International arbitration between Empresa de Transporte Masivo del Valle de Aburrá-ETMVA
(Medellín – Colombia) and the Spanish-German Consortium CHA (Entrecanales, Cubiertas –
Grupo Acciona-, Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas, Ateinsa -Alstom de España-,
Siemens, MAN and Dywidag), originated in the design, construction, start -up and f inancing of
the Metro of the city of Medellín. Object of the arbitration: Claims for an approximate value of
US$ 600,000,000. In charge of the economic-f inancial expertise of the matters that are the
subject of the controversy.

International arbitration technical and Contractual Advice in Arbitration between the Roggio-Stiler-American Bridge
Consortium and the National Telecommunications Administration – ANTEL, within the f ramework of the contract for the construction of the «Telecommunications Tower» –
Montevideo, Uruguay

Resolution of other contractual disputes and negotiations for a total value of US$150,000,000

Arbitrator of the Arbitration Court of Engineering of the Argentine Center of Engineers.

Construction and Engineer expert at the Arbitration Center of the Buenos Aires Stock