He has more than 30 years of experience, having performed various functions in national and international companies, including BENITO ROGGIO E HIJOS SA, SIDECO AMERICANA SA, DYCASA, COVISUR SA and CAMINOS DEL VALLE CONCESIONARIA S.A. He has obtained two master’s degrees: an MBA f rom the Polytechnic University of Madrid and a Master’s in Senior Management of Hotel Groups f rom the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Official civil engineering experts in the General Tribunal of Arbitration of the Bolsa de Comercio de
Buenos Aires.

Main projects in which he has participated:

Caminos del Valle Concesionaria SA (Esuco, Contreras, Burgwardt, Kank y Costilla)

General Manager and Technical Representative of the Cipolletti-Neuquén Road Corridor: road
works and bridges. Contract Amount: u$s 124,000,000- Concession Term: 18 years

Operation Manager Covisur Autovía 2 Contract Amount: u$s 226,000,000- Concession Term:
13 years.
Project Manager, Exploitation Manager in various works: Road and Bridge over Río Collón
Curá National Route 237 Project Amount: U$s 15,000,000, Heavy Water Industrial Plant –
Neuquén: Project Amount: u$s 450,000 .000.
Central Technical Of f ice: budgeting and planning of civil, road, industrial and architectural

Sideco Americana S.A.
Technical Of f ice: budgeting, planning and control of work, in the Industrial Plant of Agua
Pesada- Neuquén. Project Amount: US$ 800,000,000

Benito Roggio e Hijos SA- Maronese- Facro
Luis Piedrabuena Thermal Power Plant –Bahía Blanca: 2×320 Mw.: technical work of f ice.
Project Amount: US$ 450,000,000

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